by Ed_Cooney 24. July 2012 11:59

We started our bank with the philosophy that the world does not need another bank.  We started knowing that we wanted to push people out of their comfort zones in regards to what they thought of our bank.  We started knowing we would not be fit for everybody and are o.k. with that.  We constantly get feedback from new clients who visit our office, pull up our website, or read our ads of, “you do not look or feel like a bank.” I personally get feedback that, “you do not look or act like a bank president.” While I am uncertain such feedback is always in the form of a compliment, I am flattered nonetheless. 

Let’s face it - 99% of all banks are BORING.  Take the sign off the front of the branch or brochure and you could not tell the difference between most.  Simply put, banks play it safe.  Why?  Because safe is easy.  It is easy to act like everybody else.  Getting out of your comfort zone means that you may come up short at times; you may fail.  I have always thought that if you were not failing often enough, you were not pushing yourself hard enough.  It is easy to do what has always been done.  Wake up each morning, put on your suit, smile at customers and coworkers, please your investors, and, well, you get it, do the same thing the next day.   It is hard work creating something special that people truly value.  It is hard work implementing constant enhancements to your operation.  People have just come to expect less from their bank - the big banks have set the bar very low and, due to their massive size (multi-trillion dollar institutions!), have implicitly created an industry mired in complacency.  Surveys show that the majority of people are completely indifferent, at best, about their bank. 

Our passion at Affinity Bank is to create something special, to “reinvent the way banking is conducted in the 21st Century.”  While we are far from achieving this lofty goal, I am hopeful that our passion shines through to our clients each day and, while we may not be perfect, we would not be considered boring.   

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Welcome to Ed’s Blog!!!

by Admin 22. June 2012 11:00

This will be the spot to learn about banking and the world around us from Affinity Bank’s President, Ed Cooney. It will be the place to find all things Ed. You will hopefully find his fresh approach to banking, small business, and life refreshing. He is currently holed up in a remote off-site location in order to get in-touch with his inner blogging self. We feel this extra cleansing step is crucial for his entry into the world of blogdom.  Stay tuned and in case you do not know him personally, his professional bio is included here for your reference.
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Ed received his BBA in 1990 from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, where he also played on a nationally ranked baseball team. He attended graduate school for accounting at Stetson and subsequently the University of Colorado Banking School. Ed is a CPA and is one of the founders of Atlanta Business Bank - now Affinity Bank - for which he currently serves as President. Ed has been involved in the banking industry for nearly 20 years. He got his start working at a CPA firm that specialized in banking. Ed has served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Credit Officer, and Senior Loan Officer during his career. He is a member of the Georgia Bankers Association’s Community Bank Board and the Community Bankers Association of Georgia Board. Ed thoroughly enjoys competing against the large regional banks and is the proud father of triplets.


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