Pay Back

by Ed_Cooney 10. February 2013 11:43

Have you ever stopped to wonder how you achieved a lofty goal or position in your life? I know most of us rightfully associate achievements with ambition and hard work. One element that is often overlooked, though, is that somebody gave you the opportunity to succeed. Somebody believed in you when perhaps there was not a lot on the surface to believe in. You didn’t have the necessary experience, heightened pedigree, or look the part. But that somebody saw something within you that no one else could see. Chances are you may have taken such an opportunity for granted or perhaps established a false sense of entitlement (who couldn’t recognize my potential or talent).

If you reflect for just a moment, I hope you will recall those who took personal interest in your success along the way. It may be your parents, a coach, a teacher, a boss, or a friend. Take the time to thank those who believed in you. Also, take the time to ‘pay it forward’ by showing somebody in your life that you believe in them. It is the biggest gift you can give.


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