Reputation by Any Name

Since our inception as Atlanta Business Bank in 2002, we've provided businesses and organizations with more than financial services. We've provided a partner. Someone who takes the time to understand their business and their needs in order to serve them better. And now, as Affinity Bank, we will continue to use the expertise we've gained through our client relationships in fields like Dentistry, Churches, Non-Profits, and Medical to be an even better partner - to them, and you.

Atlanta Business Bank Remote Deposit

No trips to the bank. No business hours. Just money in your account.

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Cash Management

Stay focused on business with accurate account information whenever you need it.

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Free ATM Access

Wherever you are or wherever you're headed, there's an ATM nearby.

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Courier Services

Stay right where you are. Courier services offer safe, secure, and perfectly convenient banking.

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