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2018 Board Compliance Training -
The package was provided by Sterling Compliance and does a good job covering an overview of bank compliance. Based on Affinity Bank's size, structure and product offering not all of the information will be applicable to Affinity Bank specifically. When reviewing the package please reach out to Robert Vickers if you have any questions.


FDIC: Compliance and Community Reinvestment Act Examinations -
This video provides an overview of the areas assessed during a Compliance and Community Reinvestment Act Examination. The examiner discusses the focus of the examination and what directors should be considering to make sure that the bank has an effective compliance management system in place. The focus of a Community Reinvestment Act Examination, which is to evaluate the bank's record of meeting the credit needs of its entire community consistent with safe and sound operations, is also discussed. Approximate run time: 10 minutes
FDIC: The Bank Secrecy Act -
This presentation provides an overview of the bank requirements and responsibilities in regards to meeting Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering, and Office of Foreign Assets control regulations and requirements. We discuss what bank directors should know about the Bank Secrecy Act and the Office of Foreign Assets Control and what responsibilities directors have in relation to the oversight of these areas. This video is based primarily on the FFIEC Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual. Approximate run time: 32 minutes

FDIC: The Community Reinvestment Act -
This presentation provides an overview of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), and is designed to provide bank directors with foundational knowledge regarding CRA. Topics include the purpose of CRA, different CRA evaluation types, how to comply, and practical ideas to assist banks in helping to meet the credit needs of their assessment areas. Approximate run time: 30 minutes


FDIC: Managing Fair Lending Risk -
This presentation provides a summary of the fair lending laws and discusses the prohibited bases and some prohibited practices under each law. The potential consequences of noncompliance with the fair lending laws are also provided. Approximate run time: 7 minutes

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