Why Affinity Bank? We live Dentistry!

Would you take your car to a mechanic who did not appear to know anything about the intricacies of your particular vehicle? What about going to a physician who had no experience with your current ailment? Well, of course you wouldn’t. Due to the level of importance, you would engage somebody who had the experience and qualifications to address your special needs..

At Affinity Bank, we specialize in dentistry. With many of the leading dentists in the Southeast, we have the track record that you are looking for in a financial partner. Sure, any bank will finance your real estate and seek your business after you become ‘successful’ but -who will finance your new office acquisition, associate buy-in, or large equipment purchase? What bank will give you credit for your largest asset- your goodwill?

We have an affinity for dentists! Our President is married to a dentist and his father in law is a dentist. Our head of business development was the office manager for a large dental office for over 15 years. We have two employees with parents who are dentists. Also, our Dental Advisory Board includes some of the most reputable dentists in the state. Why is this important? Because our understanding of the dental industry allows us to provide you the most favorable loan and deposit rates available as well as saving your staff valuable time through our complimentary banking technology. Additionally, as a client of our private banking division, you will receive the close personal touch that you give your patients. Save time, money, and enjoy the personal attention you deserve. Join Affinity Bank! 


Affinity Bank and Dentistry
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